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Welcome To Masterlube India

‘MASTERLUBE’ name is endorsed – a symbol of the finest systems in the modern lubrication field. Also, the mastered in designing and developing of various types of oil and grease lubrication equipments suitable for continuous & intermittent applications. Constant efforts are made to introduce new equipments for oil and grease as well as for oil mist lubrication and to improve upon the existing products. MASTER LUBE offers an entire range of lubrication equipment and each and every product is manufactured in accordance with International standards.

Our Products

Oil Lubrication

The OIL MIST LUBRICATOR is a pneumatically operated system and the input pressure required is 4-6Kg/Cm2 this system is used for the automatic lubrication of machinery elements like Gears, Chains, etc


The progressive block is a highly précised block working on a hydraulic system that is used in line for the distribution of grease/oil to the different points of lubrication in the metered quantity.

Grease Lubrication Systems

These are manually operated Piston type Grease Pumps, which are used for grease lubrication.The grease is injected into the lubrication points under pressure by these pumps.

Manual Hydraulic Pump

Our Manual Hydraulic pumps are used to manually develop or increase pressure in a hydraulic system. The pump can be used as a primary pump for a hydraulic system or a standby pump.

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We have a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated to strict quality checks on each and every step to ensure the supplies with a quality tag. The quality control and testing facilities available at our plant are comprehensive and our quality standards strictly confirm the standards of world-renowned products.

Why Lubrication is necessary for Machine ?

Any rotating or sliding parts may develop certain amount of heat due to friction of the moving parts and consequently, there will be some wear and tear. The most effective method of reducing friction to minimum and to save the metals from wear and tear is
efficient lubrication and the substance used for this purpose is called lubricant. So proper lubrication system for lubrication is the most important arrangement for efficient running of engines and machine parts.

Advantages of Lubrication :-
  • To reduce friction between the moving surface of machine parts
  • To cool the parts by carrying away the heat generated due to friction.
  • To clean the parts by washing away deposition of carbon and metal particles caused by wear .
  • To cushion the parts against vibration and impact.
  • Proper lubrication can reduce the rate of break down of machine
  • Economic use of lubricant.
  • Less wear and tear of machine parts
What is Centralised Lubrication system ?

Under centralised lubrication system the lubricant is sent to different lube points after connecting all the lubrication points provided at the machine by tube to the lubrication system (may be motorized lubrication system or manual lubrication system). It may be oil lubrication system or grease lubrication system. The main advantage of centralised lubrication system is that, after filling the oil in the lubrication system , we can lubricate all the parts of machine even in the running condition of machine.


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